The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Project Description

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin, began as a blessed and holy inspiration enhanced with the dedication and hard work of many generous faithful. It forever will be a spiritual destination for pilgrims from all over the world, who yearn for the peace, love and compassion that Our Lady of Guadalupe promises.

Dedication of the Shrine Church took place on July 31, 2008, with then-Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, who founded the Shrine, presiding at the Mass of Dedication. Cardinals Justin Rigali and Francis George, and over twenty archbishops/bishops and over one hundred priests, joined the hundreds of faithful inside the new church.

A truly special Shrine deserves a truly special rosary, as you will agree.


Project Details

Beads: The Shrine offers visitors various bead styles and sizes and several rosary choices to purchase  Crucifix: A replica of the wooden cross that hangs at the Shrine’s altar  Centerpiece Various centerpieces depicting a statue of Saint Juan Diego found on the Shrine campus. Several Centerpieces come in various antique finishes and colored enamel for the flowers.

Project Features

St. Juan Diego’s statue in the Church Plaza, where he is showing the tilma to Bishop Juan de Zumarraga, has been beautifully reproduced here, including the Castillian Roses which fell from the tilma. (On one of our rosaries, the roses & their leaves have been delicately enameled, enhancing the beauty of the image.) On the reverse, the Shrine’s Coat of Arms has been reproduced.

Project Features

The Crucifix reproduces the 12 foot Linden wood crucifix suspended above the Baldacchino in the Shrine Church. On the reverse of the Crucifix is the name and location of the Shrine.

Project Features

The Our Father beads reproduce the pendentive paintings of four of the early Church Fathers just below the dome of the Shrine Church, each one a Doctor of the Church, and each one noted for his writings on Mary, the Mother of Jesus, especially as they pertain to her Immaculate Conception. Two represent the teachings of the Western Fathers, and two the teachings of the Eastern Fathers.


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